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My translation of Jutta Richter's The Cat, or How I Lost Eternity (Milkweed 2007) received honors from the American Library Association's Mildred Batchelder Prize for Best Children's Literature in Translation in 2008. In addition, I have translated two other novellas by Richter, Beyond the Station Lies the Sea (Milkweed 2009) and The Summer of the Pike (Milkweed 2004) and produced a new rendition of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel The Idiot (Modern Library 2002).




I have translated and edited articles, talks, and book manuscripts in a variety of fields in the humanities and social sciences on topics such as the mass appeal of Hitler; social intolerance in post-Communist Poland; the sociological methods of Ervin Goffman; trench warfare; Lenin's interpretation of Marx; the rhetorical foundations of Jesuit prayer practices; the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini; temporality in medieval retable altarpieces; and the revival of the Renaissance theater of memory. These works have been published in peer review journals and by major university presses such as Routledge, Rutgers, Princeton, and Cambridge. 

Art Exhibits


Trained as an art historian, I particularly enjoy working with curators and museums to produce catalog and wall text for art exhibitions. From major artists (Picasso, Malevitch, Cézanne, Piranesi) to historical movements (The Düsseldorf School) to contemporary commissions (BMW Art Cars), I have translated exhibition catalogs and other accompanying text for over three dozen exhibits.



Working with  cultural institutions and publications such as the House of World Cultures (Berlin); the German Film Institute (Frankfurt); the German Historical Institute (Washington), and Ballet/Tanz Magazine (Berlin), I have translated a wide range of general interest texts such as web site content, interviews, performance reviews, press releases, and CD liner notes. But my most adventurous project by far has to be the autobiography of the world-class rock climber Alexander Huber.



"Like few other translators, Anna combines great linguistic intelligence with an empathetic sensitivity for the intended meaning of the source language, so that the final translation is often more compelling than the original text."


- Dr. Peter Matussek, Professor, Universität Siegen

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