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I come to my love of language through an international background. Born in the former USSR to two musicologists, and raised in NYC, I studied art history under Michael Fried at Johns Hopkins University and spent 4 years in Berlin, Germany conducting dissertation research on the German Romantic landscapist Karl Blechen and translating for the bi-lingual performing arts magazine Ballet Tanz.


I have a BA in Economics from Columbia University, and an MA (ABD) in Art History from Johns Hopkins. In my day job – currently, as the Assistant Director of Faculty Research Activities at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois Chicago, and previously as manager of research development for the social sciences at the University of Chicago and at the University of Minnesota – I have been helping faculty in a wide range of disciplines to  articulate the aims of their research to external sponsors since 2011. 


Translation is for me not a task but a way of being. I have lived my entire life translating between cultures, geographies, disciplines, and life passions: turning visual and musical experience into words; nurturing relationships between my Russian parents and my American children; mediating between the needs of researchers and the demands of funders; and navigating my own life as an East Coast, Jewish immigrant transplant in the heart of the Midwest.  


I welcome the opportunity to translate your ideas into the most effective language for your audience.



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