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Welcome to WordShift. My approach to translation and editing is to work very closely and collaboratively with clients to create a text that both authentically reflects their own writing style and is attuned to the needs of their specific English-language audience. 

Whether it is an academic article, a novella, or a press release for a public institution, my aim is to help you convey your meaning exactly as you intended it with the greatest impact on your readers.


My work is grounded in two decades of experience and expertise  in a variety of humanities and social science fields and has been recognized by  the American Library Association. I translate from German and Russian and edit English-language manuscripts.


All inquiries are welcome.

- Anna Brailovsky

"Anna Brailovsky is not only an excellent translator but at the same time the best kind of critical editor that one might imagine and seldom encounters. She not only transforms the syntax into well-written scholarly prose, but above all thinks through the argument along with the author. As a result, to my mind the translation is more rigorously argued than the original text. To a certain extent, as a translator she has thus become something like a co-author."
- Dr. Toni Hilderbrandt, Assistant Professor, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bern University
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